education is the key

23 years of working every day with those who are homeless and often hopeless has taught the Dream Center that discipline, training and education is the key to help people transform their lives and see their dreams come true. The Dream Center has engaged in extensive mentorship and education programs including a free inner-city school for youth, extensive GED program training, on-campus accredited college programs and networking with various accredited institutions to create opportunities for college.

With growing need for higher education that leads to job opportunities for the thousands served by the Los Angeles Dream Center and its global network, the Dream Center Foundation for the last 3 years has been actively exploring formal educational partnerships to possibly acquire an accredited university or university system with a focus on acquiring a for-profit educational institution who would benefit from becoming non-profit.

What has emerged from those discussions is an amazing opportunity for the Dream Center Foundation to acquire 3 university systems from a for-profit organization, Education Management Corporation (EDMC), and turn those systems into community focused not-for-profit educational institutions that will:

  • Provide low cost or no cost GED training at each campus in conjunction with participating Dream Centers;
  • Offer academic programs on-site and/or through “on-line” at Dream Centers throughout our network;
  • Provide scholarships for graduates from the network of Dream Centers;
  • Provide pathways and scholarships for higher education for the thousands of volunteers and interns;
  • Connect graduates to jobs through job placement programs throughout the Dream Center Network, and through expanded job placement efforts at each college campus site;
  • Take profits that now primarily benefit shareholders and invest those profits back into each campus and into scholarships to serve prospective students, current students, faculty, staff and the communities served with not only educational opportunities but compassionate service.

After a very lengthy regulatory approval process the Dream Center Foundation (DCF) finalized and closed the acquision of the following school systems on October 17, 2017:

  • South University
  • Argosy University
  • The Art Institutes
  • Western State College of Law

The DCEH website is – Campus locations, university links, downloadable fact sheet and press release.


The Dream Center Foundation

The Dream Center Foundation funds programs providing educational opportunity, emergency food and medical services, transitional housing for homeless families, youth and veterans as well as support for victims of human trafficking through its principal partner, the Dream Center Los Angeles. Each month more than 50,000 people are assisted in Los Angeles alone, and countless others through its network in 41 states and 21 countries. The founder and president of the Dream Center Foundation is Pastor Matthew Barnett.

Pastor Matthew Barnett

Son of Pastor Tommy Barnett, best-selling author, and pastor of what Time Magazine considers one of the three largest churches in America, Pastor Matthew Barnett has learned powerful principles of ministry which gifted him in founding the Dream Center in Los Angeles.

Pastor Matthew Barnett and the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel united the famous Angelus Temple with the Dream Center. Through a process of two great denominations working together the unification was possible and as of November 1, 2001, Pastor Matthew Barnett became the Senior Pastor of Angelus Temple and the Dream Center. Matthew now has a congregation in excess of 7,000 attending weekly.

Matthew has spoken in some of the largest and most prestigious conventions, conferences, camp meetings, and churches throughout America and the world included Promise Keepers and Hillsong. Bush has endorsed him with highest regards to his achievements and his church has been recognized several times in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times for its contribution to the community.

Pastor Matthew Barnett was married to Caroline in September in 1999, and they serve together in Los Angeles. They have one daughter, Mia Aimee Barnett, born September 2003, and a son, Caden West, born on January 18, 2006.

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